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The story of our rocks

It's a family thing...

Our family owns a famous gold mine in the southwestern Colorado area by Gunnison, Colorado - and we've been harvesting gorgeous specimens for years...

Parents, kids, cousins, and grandparents - we've all spent some time in the hills and in the mine gathering the best of what mother earth has to offer, to bring to you!

Millions of years old, our minerals have lots to say...

There is something spectacular about finding a wonderful specimen that Mother Nature brewed in her belly for millions of years...finally working its way to the surface, to be viewed by human eyes for the first time.  The thrill one gets from cracking an absolutely mundane everyday rock, only to discover something brilliant just never gets old!

At the Colorado Rock Shop, we take pride in hand selecting each specimen that comes out of the ground from our own private patented mining claim with roots all the way back to the mid 1800’s.  It’s a family operation, and you can be sure that each of our gold, silver, copper, and other ore samples were inspected by hand and selected specifically for their brilliance, quality, and mineral content.  

Everything you buy at the Colorado Rock Shop is in its “natural state” - meaning we have done very little, if any, processing of the material beyond general cleaning with mild soap and water.  This is unusual in that most rock shops will perform harsh chemical soaks of all materials sold, in order to establish the best brilliance and highest price possible for their specimens.  

While these chemical baths can create some absolutely beautiful outcomes, its actually man-made work as well as toxic - we’ve chosen to be “purists” and allow our buyers to make the choice of whether they would like to chemically soak their specimens or appreciate their natural states.


Specimens In-Stock

The Colorado Rock Shop has one of the largest available inventories of all natural precious rare earth minerals available, and are happy to setup private showings.  Contact us today to setup a time to see everything we have in person.

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee you’ll love our rocks - we do our best to describe and photograph exactly what you’ll receive in the mail.  If for any reason you’re unhappy with your minerals purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

Natural Specimens Guaranteed

At The Colorado Rock Shop, we keep all of our mineral specimens in a “natural state” - meaning we do nothing beyond gentle cleaning with mild soap and water.  We never chemical soak our specimens, or alter their appearances in any way.




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